Bruce Traynor – Senior Copywriter

바카라 배팅 법

Tasman council on bushfires will vote at a public meeting on Monday on a proposal to ask residents not to remove any wooded or wooded-landed are아산출장샵 아산안마as from their properties, unless a fire hazard can be avoided. If passed, council would be required to ask residents who remove wooded or forested areas from their property to remove the areas within three years. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly The Forest Amendment Plan would include a new provision allowing for fines for any person who “knowingly, wilfully or recklessly” leaves wooded or wooded-landed areas of another person on their property without their permission. Council would then assess whether a problem had already been addressed or would have to be fixed if the changes went ahead. The council’s chief executive Graham Thomas said removing wooded or wooded-landed areas was necessary to protect the community and forested areas. “We are not trying to ban wooded areas, but ha제주출장안마ve to look at how we manage our fores속초출장샵ts in terms of timber-free zones, so we can maximise benefit to that area in case of fire risk,” he said. “I know some who have a large piece of woodland, so that’s not necessarily a threat, but we will now be looking at how to protect that through removing that wooded area without the consent of any residents.” He said council would look at other ways of managing timber-free areas. Council is also going to review all of its forest protection plans, but was keen to avoid the type of “bait and switch” tactics used in past bushfires. Mr Thomas said it was important the council saw forest communities as having important roles to play in fire prevention and management. “If we have a fire on our forests, we don’t really need to let people remove trees. If we remove trees we won’t get as much forest left to give us the benefit of being a forested area. “I don’t want to say we are putting the whole bushfire in and we put all the benefits on the people out there. We are looking at the impact of putting all those things together. “If we remove trees, and there is a fire risk, we are left with more wooded areas. We are leaving less forest out to let people develop.” If approved, removing wooded or wooded-landed areas would take effect in October 2016.